He wound up hitting me

I called the police and they deemed it mutual combat (which is typical in California), but I had pictures taken, went to the doctor, then went after him with a restraining order and got it.

In fact, they made it permanent (3 years is the max in California), and it bars him from having contact with my kids. He really blew it by showing up in court and yelling at the judge. What a winner!

Take notes on EVERYTHING. Get a journal with numbered pages that cannot be removed and write in it daily. It is your best defense/offense.

I don’t think there is anything you can do

Here in PA there is a disciplinary board attached to the state supreme court but they do absolutely nothing.

I know a few people who have tried to file complains with this organization but none have ever gotten any satisfaction.

The board exists only as a figurehead so the lawyers can say “see, we police ourselves”. More dishonor in the courts.

I need advice before my dingy sinks

I’ve been hanging out in this blog for a while but never surfaced until now. If I could, I’d like to ask a couple of questions involving my ex and her ways of dealing with our situation.

In order to document the lack of my ex’s desire to obey the Court Order and not allow me to do as the Court Order states that I do, I call the cops on her. In your opinion, do I have a right to call the police everytime she violates big time one of the many agreements on the Court Order? On a later Hearing with the General Master, he threw out the 6 police reports I had on her. I was not even allowed to state what they were for.

Last question. I tried to go with her to register our son at his new school, but she kept inventing excuses and reasons why she could not go with me. I told her to call me anyway. Since I’m disabled, I can go with her practically any hour of the day. So of course, she went alone and gave me another one of her lies why she couldn’t get a hold of me. Anyways, she registered our son with an invalid Birth Certificate. She told me she could not find the updated certificate that I gave her two copies of. The updated one had my last name amended into our son’s name. The invalid certificate had only her last name. She has told me that I’m a piss poor father and doesn’t want my last name in his son’s name. Of course, another excuse, another lie!

The funny thing about all of this is that the Broward County School Board, demands that first time students be registered with their legal name as in the Birth Certificate. So after I found out that she had used the expired Birth Certificate, to put down her last name only, I quickly went to the school and told them what she had done and gave them the correct Birth Certificate along with proof that it was. She school decided to consult matters with their lawyer and guess what? They told me that she had registered him with a Birth Certificate, and that she had told them that it was the true one and as far as they were concerned, what she did was enough to register our son, even though it was a false document. And the lawyer said that if it still bothered me, I should take her to court and leave them out of it. I couldn’t believe the stance that the school took. I mean the school has it’s strong policies about first time registrations, but somehow those policies aren’t enforced when an applicant lies about their Birth Certificate or any other documents. “They say that they don’t want to get involved!” It makes absolutely no sense to me.

Please what are your points of view on these major items I’ve stated. Any comment or advice that you dada2 can give me, or the members, I would forever clean and mop your community.

Thank you,

Failure of Attorney

I would like to present a question to our community.

What would/can a client do when an Attorney fails to return calls, e-mails and all other types of correspondence?

My bill is very small and I have even tried to speak with him re: full payment and he still will not return calls, etc.

His lack of communication is causing me (a divorced father of two boys with temporary sole custody) to lose, what I feel is, precious legal ground.

Any help, comments would be greatly appreciated! I am also available for comments off line

Thank you very much for your time.

No wonder my ex-wife moved with her boyfriend to Conroe

She did it with my children since last August. Right now, I’m being hounded by the TAG for arrears … not understanding the fact, again full disclosure that I lost my job, and now working as a contractor. With work being limited in the automotive industry (Detroit Area)… it’s hard to keep up, but I still keep paying my support in Indiana, where jurisdiction resides … while the TAG and Conroe CS Office are always “hounding and threatening” me to pay the full amount or they’ll charge interest on my arrears.

Since when did the TAG become a financial institution, charging interest penalties on support? It’s bad enough they reported me to the credit bureaus already, not only that … they have no jurisdiction in this matter. Furthermore, my ex-wife left jurisdiction (Indiana/Michigan only) without the Court’s permission or my approval. She is currently in Contempt of her papers.

Interesting that Texas would provide “sanctuary” to someone that is in Contempt. I’ve submitted the appropriate documents to the TAG and Conroe … no response yet. I will say that this situation will be quite interesting especially when my ex didn’t show up in Court last August 6th.

You’re right … no matter what state you reside, the dad is always the bad guy. This attitude by the Judicial System must change for the sake of all fathers (and non custodial mothers) … and their kids. That’s what it’s all about really … the children and the dad’s rights for visitation. I’ll continue this later … keep on “telling it like it is!”

Regards … Peace!

In the State of Indiana

Anything is fair game. Your income, your spouse’s earnings, any overtime, profit sharing, lottery winnings, etc. Consult your attorney regarding this issue. Inheritances are questionable depending on when the monies were received … before, during or after your divorce. These clauses are usually drafted in your Dissolution Decree/Divorce Papers. Again, seek legal counsel.

Remember, child support in Indiana is based on two incomes … yours and your ex’s. It is calculated based on both your earnings. If you’re suspicious of this, ask your attorney to draft in interrogatory to be served. Your ex must comply … as I’m sure you would if she requested you to submit your W-2’s through her attorney to your barrister.

Remember, full disclosure must be exercised on both sides. Then from there you’ll have a bargaining tool in order to get your support payments adjusted. I went through a similar situation here in Fort Wayne. Just be patience, honest and try to keep paying your support until the time comes for you to go to Court … then if it goes to Court, let the Court decide.

Good Luck … Peace!

Made toilet paper out of my Court Order

On February 10, 2016, I was the happiest man in the world because I was walking out of the Broward Mumicipal Courts Building with a great Court Order signed by Judge Arthur Monopoly. And what is more – I got my payday loans application approved and money were deposited directly to my bank account! I felt like I had won great visitation rights by seeing my son every single weekend from Friday at 3:00 pm to Sunday at 6:00. Also I would split vacations with my ex and I would have 1 month in the summer with him. Every Friday at 3:00pm, I was to go to my son’s daycare, pick him up and bring him home with me.

I felt so happy and proud that I could actually start being a real father to my wonderful son. Then like a Friday the 13th movie, the reality of how it really is, started to sink in. My ex would go to my son’s daycare and pick him up at 12:00 noon and take him to her house. She would call my home and leave me a message saying that there was no need for me to pick up our son at the daycare ’cause she had picked him up already. Later I found out that she was calling him by the illegal name of Jules (after her deceased father), without my permission, as the father. So of course I raised a little hell. She didn’t like that. So she created more lies about me.

So that was the her beginning of doing as she felt like, despite the fact that the Court Order told her to do differently. That was the time that I would call the police on her, just to document her actions. Of course, she was telling everybody that I was harassing her and the school, by bring in the police for no reason at all.

So as my ex kept taking more and more out of my benefits, she lied and lied to me more and more. I finally had to take her to court once again, hoping that the court would make her obey the Court Order more as I did. Well, that’s when I represented myself because of lack of money. Upon entering the court room, I was so nervous and unsure of myself that my mind went completly blank when the Judge barked at me upon arriving merely 2 minutes late. The Judge being the prick that he is, told me that all my complaints about my ex were denied because I could not speak. Further more, he went on to say that despite the fact that we have Shared Parental Responsibilities, my ex would be allowed to have the final say. Well, what the hell, that shot the Shared Parental Responsibly all to hell, if she has the last say. The Judge also warned us that if we could not resolve our differences, and keep coming to court, he would take our son away and give him to the state.

Is this true or he’s just pulling my leg about taking our son away?

Enjoy your day,

I apologize it’s taken me so long to answer you

Yes, he does have a felony record. And he has several alias by which he goes by. It is impossible to believe, that my wife’s home (now with this felon) is considered a better environment for them to live in. My children now are subjected to immorality by there mother, drugs and god knows what else.

I have recently picked up the package needed to apply for civil harassment in San Bernadino. All of which I must justify (my actions) as to why this is so critical. A felon thinks differently. He must survive, no matter who he steps on. I am going into his territory. For fear of my safety, I wear a bullet proof vest, and carry pepper spray. No one wants to take me seriously.

I understand your paper trail, hindsight is 20/20….you live and learn – it would almost be worth it to have this guy hit me…I want him away from my children in the worst way. I’m not about to give up now…surely someone will eventually believe me. Any advice you can give me as I go through these papers would greatly appreciated. You are to be commended for your efforts…It took alot of you to fight a system that is not equal or fair to fathers.

Please help me Give my son my last name!

My ex-fiance is having my baby and will not give the baby my last name. She knows how important it is to me and how I feel about it but she still will not give my first son my last name.

I remember reading somewhere that if my name is on the birth certificate as the father and I petition the court to make her give my baby my last name she doesn’t have to comply but when the baby is born and I enter another petition to the court to make her give my son my last name then she would have to comply because she did not comply the first time.

I was just wondering if this was true and if it is where could I find that information. Pleas Help Me give my first and only son my last name!