I need advice before my dingy sinks

I’ve been hanging out in this blog for a while but never surfaced until now. If I could, I’d like to ask a couple of questions involving my ex and her ways of dealing with our situation.

In order to document the lack of my ex’s desire to obey the Court Order and not allow me to do as the Court Order states that I do, I call the cops on her. In your opinion, do I have a right to call the police everytime she violates big time one of the many agreements on the Court Order? On a later Hearing with the General Master, he threw out the 6 police reports I had on her. I was not even allowed to state what they were for.

Last question. I tried to go with her to register our son at his new school, but she kept inventing excuses and reasons why she could not go with me. I told her to call me anyway. Since I’m disabled, I can go with her practically any hour of the day. So of course, she went alone and gave me another one of her lies why she couldn’t get a hold of me. Anyways, she registered our son with an invalid Birth Certificate. She told me she could not find the updated certificate that I gave her two copies of. The updated one had my last name amended into our son’s name. The invalid certificate had only her last name. She has told me that I’m a piss poor father and doesn’t want my last name in his son’s name. Of course, another excuse, another lie!

The funny thing about all of this is that the Broward County School Board, demands that first time students be registered with their legal name as in the Birth Certificate. So after I found out that she had used the expired Birth Certificate, to put down her last name only, I quickly went to the school and told them what she had done and gave them the correct Birth Certificate along with proof that it was. She school decided to consult matters with their lawyer and guess what? They told me that she had registered him with a Birth Certificate, and that she had told them that it was the true one and as far as they were concerned, what she did was enough to register our son, even though it was a false document. And the lawyer said that if it still bothered me, I should take her to court and leave them out of it. I couldn’t believe the stance that the school took. I mean the school has it’s strong policies about first time registrations, but somehow those policies aren’t enforced when an applicant lies about their Birth Certificate or any other documents. “They say that they don’t want to get involved!” It makes absolutely no sense to me.

Please what are your points of view on these major items I’ve stated. Any comment or advice that you dada2 can give me, or the members, I would forever clean and mop your community.

Thank you,