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What is SmartPitch?

SmartPitch is an ideation competition open to all matriculating CUNY students. The challenge encourages students to develop their business idea through a three phase program, workshops, and a network of mentors. SmartPitch provides an online community, in-person workshops, and events to support competitors along the way. 

Submission Requirements

Phase One: Develop a one page Business Model Canvas due 3/7

Phase Two: Pitch your idea in 60 seconds via YouTube due 4/4

Phase Three: Crowdsource your idea, and create a pitch deck due 5/2

Final Event: Those who complete all three phases, and receive the most mentor nominations will pitch live on 5/20 for cash prizes

SmartPitch is offering $30,000 in cash prizes this year!

First Prize: $10,000—all business ideas are eligible

Second Prize: $6,000—all business ideas are eligible

Third Prize: $3,000—all business ideas are eligible

STEM Prize: $5,000—all science, technology, engineering, and mathematic related ideas are eligible

Maker Hub Prize: $5,000—any idea that coincides with the maker culture, must include a prototype for judging (prototype is not required to be functional)

Fan Favorite: $1,000—Crowdsource your idea and have your network vote online for your pitch video via WooBox

For more information about SmartPitch and phase requirements, join as a member!

SmartPitch 2016 Results

Congrats to all the finalists who pitched on May 20! We are so proud of everyone for completing this semester long entrepreneurship program. We hope you all found the experience positive and worthwhile.


Big shout out to the following teams who won prize money!


Fan Favorite Prize: Giggrabbers

STEM Prize: Ribbon

Maker Hub Prize: Hybridia

3rd PrizeRibbon

2nd PrizeNail Printer Tech

Grand Prize: Cozy Oasis


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