Made toilet paper out of my Court Order

On February 10, 2016, I was the happiest man in the world because I was walking out of the Broward Mumicipal Courts Building with a great Court Order signed by Judge Arthur Monopoly. And what is more – I got my payday loans application approved and money were deposited directly to my bank account! I felt like I had won great visitation rights by seeing my son every single weekend from Friday at 3:00 pm to Sunday at 6:00. Also I would split vacations with my ex and I would have 1 month in the summer with him. Every Friday at 3:00pm, I was to go to my son’s daycare, pick him up and bring him home with me.

I felt so happy and proud that I could actually start being a real father to my wonderful son. Then like a Friday the 13th movie, the reality of how it really is, started to sink in. My ex would go to my son’s daycare and pick him up at 12:00 noon and take him to her house. She would call my home and leave me a message saying that there was no need for me to pick up our son at the daycare ’cause she had picked him up already. Later I found out that she was calling him by the illegal name of Jules (after her deceased father), without my permission, as the father. So of course I raised a little hell. She didn’t like that. So she created more lies about me.

So that was the her beginning of doing as she felt like, despite the fact that the Court Order told her to do differently. That was the time that I would call the police on her, just to document her actions. Of course, she was telling everybody that I was harassing her and the school, by bring in the police for no reason at all.

So as my ex kept taking more and more out of my benefits, she lied and lied to me more and more. I finally had to take her to court once again, hoping that the court would make her obey the Court Order more as I did. Well, that’s when I represented myself because of lack of money. Upon entering the court room, I was so nervous and unsure of myself that my mind went completly blank when the Judge barked at me upon arriving merely 2 minutes late. The Judge being the prick that he is, told me that all my complaints about my ex were denied because I could not speak. Further more, he went on to say that despite the fact that we have Shared Parental Responsibilities, my ex would be allowed to have the final say. Well, what the hell, that shot the Shared Parental Responsibly all to hell, if she has the last say. The Judge also warned us that if we could not resolve our differences, and keep coming to court, he would take our son away and give him to the state.

Is this true or he’s just pulling my leg about taking our son away?

Enjoy your day,

I apologize it’s taken me so long to answer you

Yes, he does have a felony record. And he has several alias by which he goes by. It is impossible to believe, that my wife’s home (now with this felon) is considered a better environment for them to live in. My children now are subjected to immorality by there mother, drugs and god knows what else.

I have recently picked up the package needed to apply for civil harassment in San Bernadino. All of which I must justify (my actions) as to why this is so critical. A felon thinks differently. He must survive, no matter who he steps on. I am going into his territory. For fear of my safety, I wear a bullet proof vest, and carry pepper spray. No one wants to take me seriously.

I understand your paper trail, hindsight is 20/20….you live and learn – it would almost be worth it to have this guy hit me…I want him away from my children in the worst way. I’m not about to give up now…surely someone will eventually believe me. Any advice you can give me as I go through these papers would greatly appreciated. You are to be commended for your efforts…It took alot of you to fight a system that is not equal or fair to fathers.

Please help me Give my son my last name!

My ex-fiance is having my baby and will not give the baby my last name. She knows how important it is to me and how I feel about it but she still will not give my first son my last name.

I remember reading somewhere that if my name is on the birth certificate as the father and I petition the court to make her give my baby my last name she doesn’t have to comply but when the baby is born and I enter another petition to the court to make her give my son my last name then she would have to comply because she did not comply the first time.

I was just wondering if this was true and if it is where could I find that information. Pleas Help Me give my first and only son my last name!

My advice is two words

My advice is two words: PAPER TRAIL.

When my wife first threatened me on his behalf in June, I filed an incident report with the Sheriff. I wanted a paper trail. When she threatened me again, I filed another one (I went to the Sheriff’s station to do this).

So, at the beginning of the month, when he did hit me, I had not only the police report from the battery, but two threats made two months earlier to substantiate the danger. I had pictures taken immediately afterwards, and paid a visit to the doctor who wrote up a nice report.

Document the fear of physical violence. The penal code considers fear “force”, and therefore by creating an environment of fear, I think you have an argument for harassment.

If he has a criminal record, what is it for? If it is a violent crime, you are the children’s father and you have the right to express concern about their well being. If the judge refuses your request, ask the judge to recuse themself. That throws them, it basically says that they have to admit that they can’t hear the case. Most judges’ egos won’t let that happen, so they may reconsider. I actually did it with an appellate court judge on a panel of three. And he left!

I can’t stress it enough, document everything. And where and when possible, have a third party document as well, because that lends clout.

I admire your courage

My question is this: How were you able to get a restraining order? you didn’t say anything about violence or threats against you, tried to do that here in San Diego, and was told, my requests were being denied because i had not been threatened recently. My children are living in San Bernadino with a convicted felon, and the roughest part of time.

My life has been threatened, only relayed to me by my wife. I have since been granted supervised visits in “HIS TERRITORY” in San Bernadino.

I fear for my life. I have purchased a bullet proof vest, and now carry pepper spray. I would love to have this man removed from my children’s life, but no one takes me seriously. Please help me…A desperate father who is frustrated!

I am representing myself here in California

I am representing myself here in California (it’s called Pro Per here), as I have in all civil cases in the past. Today, I was granted a three year restraining order against my wife’s boyfriend that not only keeps him away from me, but my kids (even if they are with her) and my cars (even the one she drives).

If you study the codes of civil procedure, talk to some of the free assistance folks, you can actually run rings around attorneys! In court this morning, this clown threw papers at me, yelled at the judge, said I was a con man and knew how to manipulate the court (which brought a big smile to the judge’s face). He tried to tell the judge that I have stolen $400,000 (dang, where did it go?), and that I haven’t had a job in three years (where am I driving to then?).

My wife is all upset at me for upsetting the poor fellow (awwww), but she even warned him not to go to court against me without an attorney. But he is convinced that since I don’t have a degree in law, that he is smarter than me, and I am an idiot. Well, the “idiot” just screwed up his life, and the judge even stated that she felt he was unstable.

Score one for the idiots!

I read through the information you sent yesterday

I read through the information you sent yesterday and found it very interesting. It is the kind of information I have searched the interent for and been unable to find.

I guess my question (I could not find a reference in yesterdays info) is whether or not a gift or inheritance can be calimed as earnings, or whether it can even be made relevant asx an issue toward child support.

I thought I had read something last year about it being applied toward child support, but I’ll be dogged if I can remember where I read it at.

Again, thank you for the information,

Child support in Indiana

My ex and I make approximately the same in income in the state of Indiana. She is attempting to raise my child support. I have our two boys one half of each week throughout the summer, with a full ten days in the middle for vacations.
During the school year, I have the boys every weekend from Friday to Sunday for six weeks, then have them Mon-Wed for six weeks, but not for overnights on the Mon-Wed schedule because my ex feels “they should be home on school nights”. As if I live in a cave with a dragon or something….laughs…

I have reason to believe my ex has recently came into some money, i.e. an inheritance or gift.

Is that something that she would have to claim as income?

If so, how would I go about verifying she got it?

Thanks for all you help,


Help… My ex-wife took my son

My ex-wife lives in Ill. and I live in Missouri and she has got a ex-parte, so I couldn’t take my son out of Ill. This all started 10 months ago and I still haven’t seen my son.

I am a deputy sheriff in Missouri and the ex-parte is even threatening my job..I don’t know anything about Ill law…can anyone help me…

my lawyer is not much help but the judge won’t even talk to me without one..